Well, I made it! After 18 hours of flights and layovers and trains and taxis, I’m happily in Spain! From now until September 1st, myself and 17 other Holy Cross students are taking Spanish classes at The University of Navarra in the mornings and exploring Pamplona in the afternoons and evenings. It has been fun trying to acclimate to the Spanish way of life- late nights made possible by an afternoon siesta!

Here’s a few of the spot we’ve been to thus far to give you a sense of the city-

Outside the old city of Pamplona

Plaza de Torros

Old City of Pamplona

Plaza de los Caballos

While I’m excited to get to Palma, I’m already having such a great time in Pamplona I know it will be hard to leave!

Hasta la próxima,


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