Things Come to and End, and Quickly

It’s hard to believe that classes for the semester are ending today, but it’s even more unbelievable that my time studying abroad is quickly running out. I’ve remarked every day for the past month, “I can’t believe it’s December”, “I can’t believe we’re going home soon”, “I can’t believe abroad is over!!!” to the point that I think my friends are a bit perturbed by my sentimental side. It seems fitting to sum up my abroad experience in two categories: my experiences in Spain, and those on trips outside this beautiful country.


Catherdral, Palma

Cap de Formentor

Port de Soller


Cuevas Azules, Cabrera


Cala Deia


The Bunkers

Parque Guell


Palacio Real

Palacio de Cristal, Parque del Retiro

My final trip of the semester will be to Paris after New Year’s, after which I’ll sadly, but gratefully, reflect on my many happy and exciting trips throughout Europe.

Hasta la próxima,


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